Vienna´s Apartment Building Market

If you want to live in the city with the highest quality of living in the world, then Mercer in 2015 once again recommends you move to Vienna. For the sixth consecutive year, the consulting firm ranks the Austrian capital city as number one in its “quality of living” survey. As an economic engine and driving force for both Austria and Central Europe, Vienna will boast the highest population growth in Central Europe and develop into the state with the youngest demographic structure in the future.

Classic Viennese apartment buildings showcase Viennese lifestyle and when it comes to their sheer number and diversity, represent a cultural property unique in Europe. Every single one is regarded a work of art from a past era.

Demand and prices

Living in professionally revitalised buildings from this time is very sought after among potential tenants and makes them very proud indeed. What makes the real estate selected by CPI Immobilien located in the urban core areas of Vienna so interesting is the trend to switch from individualised to public transport. Vienna’s apartment building market is and will thus continue to be one of the most attractive investment locations on the European real estate market. With some 30,000 apartment buildings from Vienna’s „Gründerzeit“ era, the market is very strong and has been experiencing lots of movement for some decades now.

When compared to other European capitals, the price level on the apartment building market continues to be moderate and has been showing a continuous upward movement for many years now. This is why experts predict demand to continue to rise and show an attractive value appreciation for the coming years.

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