Everything Under One Roof

CPI Immobilien was founded in 1997 by KR Johann Franke and KR Mag. Ernst Kreihsler who are still managing the company as managing associates. The original corporate principles and the successful business concept continue to be as relevant today as they were then:

“Everything under one roof” is a concept CPI actively fills with life.



The company’s strategy is to cover all significant business segments within CPI Group. CPI’s companies perform almost all services required for the development and management of your objects in close collaboration. This allows for a closed value creation strategy that helps maximising profitability without involving third-party companies. A strategy manifesting in clear communication lines and, in turn, in excellent customer satisfaction.

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CPI Immobilien GmbH
Hahngasse 3
1090 Wien

Tel: +43 1/409 54 40-0
E-Mail: office@cpi.co.at